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We have heard the pain and seen the tears of many, caught in the web of a high-conflict divorce. A legal battle that too often becomes dysfunctional, leading to unfair biases and lifelong inequitable outcomes.

Many find it difficult to understand how this process can so easily engulf every part of their lives. A high-conflict divorce can legally affect your immediate family, boss at work, network of personal friends and even your clergyman.

People think to themselves, “will I ever really be free of my ex-spouse? Will I ever again live an independent life, free to parent my children as I see fit and pursue my goal of financial independence?”

So, it all starts with understanding the skill set and personality of the attorney you need to hire to optimize your chance of success. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you are contemplating divorce, just starting the divorce, well into the divorce process, or in the post-dissolution divorce period.

The Win at Divorce team has come together to provide you with a roadmap, that will make answers to the questions posed above an uncategorical, “Yes”.

In totality, you will be provided with a huge amount of information most attorneys are either unaware of or unable to appraise you of. The tools and tactics contained herein, have allowed thousands to gain control of their financial future and parent their children in a loving, conflict-free home.

We want to provide you with an environment, totally free of legal obligations, a familial and socially nurturing environment that provides you with happiness and strength, able to take your life down any path you choose.

Watch this short video to learn about the comprehensive Win at Divorce program

Table of Contents

Win at Divorce 15-part series

Introduction The Win at Divorce Process
Part 1 – Understanding Your Adversary
Part 2 – The Assertive Approach a Powerful Winning Strategy
Part 3 – Personality Disorders Categorized – Source of the High Conflict Divorce
Part 4 – The Neurological Wiring of People with PD – Dangerous High Voltage
Part 5 – Beating a Blamer with an Assertive Approach
Part 6 – Creating Assertive Body Armor
Part 7 – Succeeding in Today’s Family Court Culture

Part 8 – Hiring the Right Lawyer – A Major Decision
Part 9 – Launching Clandestine Operations
Part 10 – What to Expect from the Blamer’s Attorney – It’s Not Good
Part 11 – The Deposition and Cross-Examination – Two Silver Bullets
Part 12 – Controlling Court Appointed Experts and Evaluators
Part 13 – Rorschach Test – Correct Answers
Part 14 – Draw a Person Test – Correct Answers and Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory – Correct Strategy
Part 15 – Conclusion


I was behind the eight ball losing really badly. Got the Win at Divorce videos and learned the
right way to talk in a deposition and testify in court. This has made a huge difference. Still have
a way to go but I am getting there.

Jack H


My spouse has been emotionally unstable for a number of years. She yells at our children with
big rage and just cannot get over the issue. She stays mad for days. She also yells at me
sometimes. After years of this I could not take it anymore. I came across Win At Divorce on
Google while I was looking for a divorce attorney. The information in the videos gave the ability
to win and get custody of the children. I knew how to handle her lies and all the stuff she threw
at me in court. Thanks to all of you and God bless you.

- Alex G


My husband wanted a divorce. He was always abusive to me and he wound up being the one to
leave. I did not know what to do next. I knew nothing of attorneys and he was holding all the
money and would not let me have any of it. A friend told me about Win at Divorce. I am a great
cook and the information I learned was like getting a perfect great recipe. I picked the right
attorney who got me ½ the money right away and knew how to handle a deposition. Instead of
getting all emotional and teary eyed I used their rules. Now I have my kids and I have money.
Thanks to Dr. Rick who was so kind to me. I will never forget you.

- Robin B.


I had a hysterical wife who, lied to me and wound up putting me in Jail. I did not touch her but
she called the police and said I hit her. I was in jail for two days and when I got out I couldn’t see
my kids or go back into my house. She had control over everything. I had trouble convincing my

attorney that I was innocent and he did nothing to help me. I got the Win At Divorce course and
they knew how to handle it. I did not know it, but what happened to me is pretty common. The
judge appointed a legal Guardian for the kids and he did home studies. He could tell that the
story was fishy. I knew just how to handle him. He recommended to the judge that I see mydd
kids a lot. I was found innocent of home violence and getting back in good stance with the
judge. I have great hope again. Thanks Win at Divorce guys and gals.

George F.


I never realized what a nightmare divorce court is until my divorce began. In the first hearing I was stunned by the huge number of lies that were told against me. I was not emotionally prepared to handle them. Most of the lies were about how bad of a mother I was. The judge appointed a psychologist to sort out the mess. From the Win at Divorce material at the interview I knew exactly how to act, how to answer his questions and other information I needed to tell him. I knew all the right answers in the psychological testing I was put through. The Psychologist gave me a glowing review to the judge. Once that happened, I got a great out of court settlement. Lawrence P.


I needed to divorce my wife. She was making me miserable. I wanted to get my life back. But I still had a lot of guilt about the divorce. I wanted to provide my wife with a soft landing so that she could still have a good future. In the mandatory mediation I reached a settlement that was hugely generous to her. She got more money than she would normally be entitled to. Three months later, she filed for a modification of the agreement asking for more money and more visitation time with the kids. I went nuts. I looked for information on how to handle this disaster and found Win at Divorce. From that information I realized my ex had a personality disorder. I hired a new attorney. I needed and got a settlement on my terms. I took months but the Win at Divorce info dug me out of a six foot hole. My hats off to all of you. Kenny L


The Win at Divorce team and the information they provided me held my hand and walked me through each stage of my divorce. I made few if any mistakes in a process that’s filled with land mines. I sleep great at night. Thanks
Betty O


The Win at Divorce series has a chapter on the right way to testify in court and the right way to take a deposition. The right way was against my personality but I followed what they told me. Made my divorce 1000% easier. The short divorce saved me $50,000. I am so grateful to them.

Alexis R.

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A high conflict divorce can easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Your attorney collects huge fees from a protracted legal battle and has no vested interest in bringing the litigation to a speedy conclusion. But the Win at Divorce program is designed to significantly shorten the process, thereby protecting your hard-earned money.

Control your Financial Future

Get custody of your children (if any)

Gain a Conflict-free Future

Keep the Judge on Your Side

The judge may introduce anything you say or write into evidence in court. Most importantly, maintain total emotional and behavioral control when in court. The more you gesticulate, grimace and squirm in your chair, as your blamer levels lies against you, the more your inner persona decreases in value in the eyes of the judge. On the other hand, a polished person who is confident in their case and cause lets these lies slide off them like water off a duck’s back.

How to Predict the Development of a High Conflict Divorce

People with personality disorders tend to drive divorce into a high-conflict court battle. But these people have a narrow and highly predictable range of behaviors, especially under stress. Most people don’t see these patterns, but once you know what to look for, you will be surprised at how you can predict their actions. The better you can anticipate their future behavior, the better prepared you will be. Of course, this doesn’t make it easy. So, we have filled this seminar with actionable information to help you cope with the multitude of problems a partner with an underlying personality disorder can cause.

How to Keep Cool in Court

Think strategically, not reactively. Avoid acting out of frustration and anger; otherwise, you may do things that waste energy and hurt you in the long term. Likewise, it’s essential you avoid reacting and communicating with the other person without advice. “Stop and think” are some of the most important words you can think of when you enter a family court battle.

Video Disks

The Win At Divorce Video Seminar


Fourteen part series providing you with in depth knowledge of the divorce proceeding and current court culture. Information contained within, guides you through each of the major decisions and “how to” processes you will face. Just a few of these include, the legal and personality traits of the best attorney to hire to win your case, how to testify in court the right way, how to optimally take a deposition and the best path to follow to gain custody of your children, if you so desire. This is a comprehensive compendium of information put together by world leading professionals on the subject of divorce.

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